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Oakwood Investment Partners, Ltd Operators of food catering, hospitality and special event services Since 2001, we have offered our bourbon chicken to the public at festivals, catered parties, summer fairs and other special celebratory events throughout Ohio. Thousands of festival and event patrons have tasted our bourbon chicken in Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana. Bourbon chicken is nothing new. It is a Cajun food dish, originally offered at truck stops in Louisiana and recently popularized by a couple of franchisors that setup in food courts in or around shopping malls across America. Our unique specialty is bourbon chicken at an outdoor event. At first, some people think that bourbon chicken is spicy and they are reluctant to taste it via a free sample. Once tasted however, many people whether young or old love our chicken. Our food is something the entire family can agree on. Our version of bourbon chicken is sweet and salty to taste. It is generally served cubed, smothered in our proprietary dark colored sauce over steamed rice. However, it can be serve in a variety of ways from sandwiches to just chicken by itself with no side items. Our festival menu consists of bourbon chicken, steamed rice, red pinto beans, bourbon chicken sandwiches and grilled smoked sausage pieces. See pictures of our menu items. Why do folks go “GA GA” over our bourbon chicken? Firstly, we only prepare “fresh” food daily. The chicken is fresh leg and thigh meat, marinated and grilled in about 20 minutes. Secondly, our sauce ingredients marry well with the chicken and cooking process. Thirdly, we cook the bourbon chicken right in front of the customers. They can see what we are doing and how we bring it to them. The combination of the fresh chicken, steamed rice, beans and sausage and our unique sauce is delicious to eat and interesting to watch. Look at some pictures of our grills. We specialize in high volume cooking. We have the grilling power to feed thousands of loyal customers. That is why you will see us at some of the largest festival and celebration events like the Circleville Pumpkin Show. We are pleased to bring our delicious food to you at your special event! Thank you. Sincerely, Jim Kelly and Friends at the Louisiana Grill, Home of Bourbon Chicken™ Visit us on facebook. Louisiana Grill, Home of Bourbon ChickenTM, official trademark of Yankee Street Investors, Ltd. All rights reserved.
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